Pseudo-3D image of vesicle trafficking done for a client. Pymol & Illustrator w/ Wacom pad

Three-dimensional image done for a client. Pymol & Illustrator.

Scientific cartoon about the role of gluten in bread. Illustrator.

2012 SCR Symposium Poster - my structure done up pretty in Blender! Designed in Illustrator

Program for 2012 SCR Symposium - Rhodopsin structure

Interior of program for 2012 Symposium

E. coli Type Three Secretion System effector proteins affect the Inflammation response through multiple interactions inside epithelial cells

For the 2011 SCR poster, I decided to go with a signaling theme, complete with a 7 transmembrane spanning receptor

Epithelial cells are cool, 2011 SCR Symposium program

The signaling theme was fun for the interior of the 2011 program

X-ray crystallography strategy flow chart

Punk rock theme for SCR Poster 2010

Similar shapes as the poster, but with a Boulder backdrop

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Figures, posters and programs with a biochemical lean.

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